Jacob's Rescue

A holocaust story

The main characters

Jacob ( the main character ) was living in the ghetto till a nice family took him into their home and hid him from the Nazi's. Alex was the father of a two kids who brought jacob and two of his brothers to hide with his family during the war. Mela is Alex's wife, she has to take care of al the kids and make sure nobody finds out about what they are doing. Yurek is alex's son and he joins the polish resistance without his father knowing and ends up geting shot. Uncle Vladek is Mela's brother and he lets the family stay with him during the last few months of the war.

The plot

Jacob was living in the ghetto during the beginning of world war 2, but his luck changed when a family man by the name of Alex, brought him to hide with his family fom the nazi's. Jacob lived with the family during the war and almost got captured a couple of times. He soon became a part of the family and connected with them really closely. The family had to move countless times in order to stay safe, they even had to sell their house to save jacob from dying of scarlet fever. The family finally were safe when the russians liberated poland.

The Righteous Among Nations Award

The Roslan family went through a lot of hardships protecting and hiding Jacob and two of his brothers. Alex made a hiding place for Jacob underneith the kitchen sink, a small neighbor boy almost got them reported to the gestapo when he saw a glimpse of jacob under the sink. The family decided to move to an apartment so they could get away and not get caught. Even under the pressure of knowing that they could be caught at any moment, they took in two of Jacob's brothers and hid them as well. When Jacob got scarlet fever, Alex sold the apartment so he could pay for the treatment to keep jacob alive. He snuck him into the hospital inside of a couch. The Roslan family truly deserved this award because they dared to do the un thinkable by hiding more than one enemy of the state within the family's home and lives. Even with knowing they could be punished by death for doing so.


" Whoever saves a single life is as one who has saved the entire world. " This means that the heros who go into danger knowing the conciquences are the saviors of those in need. Not even words can be put into describing the heroism in doing the unthinkable just to rescue and keep a life.


This book was written to show the boundaries people will cross in order to help one another. In order to hide a enemy from a large opposing force that will kill in order to destroy something, they put them into their home, family, and everyday life in order to keep them alive. Its made to inspire others to do the same and not to just stand and watch as horrors go on outside in the world and to stand up and do something about it.