Daija Draper PC-2

What are my strengths?

The three strengths I position myself in are that I'm analytical ,creative, and mathematical.

Why I think the test results are accurate?

I think the results are accurate because I got a 10 in the left hemisphere and 9 in the right hemisphere and I feel like I'm a bit of both hemispheres and even though my left hemisphere is somewhat dominant than my right hemisphere,they're still to some extent equal and they both work together to create who I am today.


I'm analytical because I examine most things I'm looking at to assure I'm getting the correct details and information. I also analyze things so when I'm in school I can ensure better grades.


I'm creative because I'm imaginative and original, I also like creating my own ideas with a little bit of inspiration from others.


I say I'm mathematical because it has been my favorite subject for years and I enjoy doing math besides the fact it can be complex.