Getting Rid Of Enlarged Skin Pores

Tips To Get Rid Of Enlarged Skin Pores

Everybody wants a smooth looking skin especially our face. We want our face to be as smooth as it can be because the face usually is the first thing that could turn the heads of others. In other words, a beautiful face with smooth skin attracts attention.

Skin plays an important role to a smooth looking skin. Every one of us has skin pores. Of course we do because it serves such an important role in keeping our skin alive. Skin pores are actually where our hair follicles arise. This skin pores are the passageway of the oil or sebum that our sebaceous glands excrete. Take note that this oil, in the right amount is needed by our skin to prevent dryness. However too much oil excretion is the start of almost of the skin problems such as acne and large skin pores that gives our skin the look of a citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, etc.).

The size of our skin pores usually will depend on the genes that we have. However, the largest natural pore is still not large enough to give that citrus-looking skin. Skin pores become large enough whenever there is excess oil that is produced by the glands. Now this excess oil would come in contact with other substances and dead skin cells accumulating in the skin pores. This mixture of substances will eventually become bigger and clog the skin pores. The bigger they get, the larger the skin pores expand up to the time that they are already visible. The tendency is that when this now solid mixture of oils and dead skin cells get expelled, it leaves a space inside the pores which if not tightened back would give that pin point depression on our face. The more that pin point depression gets, the more they are noticeable and results to that citrus-looking skin on our face.

So how do we prevent our skin pores from being enlarged? Since the root of all this processes is excessive production of oil, we should start by minimizing them. Washing your face with a water soluble facial wash is the best way to start with. By always washing your face, you get to eliminate excess oil preventing them from clogging our skin pores. Cleansers are also used to unclog the already clogged pores. However it is best to choose cleansers that are not irritating to your skin. Avoiding products that clogs the skin pores is also a very important tip. These products are usually emollients that are very thick when applied to our face. That is why earlier I’ve said that water-soluble facial wash are better. Another way is to use exfoliate every now and then. Exfoliating reduces dead skin cells which are important factors on clogging skin pores. Clay masks are also being recommended by those who are suffering from large skin pores. Clay masks eliminate clogged elements in our skin pores and finished its job by minimizing the enlarged skin pores.

Skin products are not the only way to help ourselves from enlarged skin pores. Some of the factors that caused us to have this irritating problem are us too. Sometimes when we fee l that our pores are clogged, we have that urge to pick it and that would cause trauma to our skin and could leave that pore enlarged.

The last tip is for us to have a good night sleep. Sleep 6-10 hours a day to prevent oily face and skin aging.