Plight of the Poor

The Story of Jacob Riis

About Jacob Riis

Jacob August Riis, born in 1849, was a Danish American was a photographer who used his photos to change how New York City viewed imagrants. He lived in poverty like many others and soon became a reporter writing about the quality of life in the ghetto's of New York. Soon after he wrote a book intitled "How the Other Half Lives", which changed the opions of the Wealthy residents of the City.

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The poor quality of living in the ghetto's of New York


Ellis Island : The destination of millions of imagrants.

Ethnic Ghetto: The group of different ethnic groups who have the same beliefs and speak the same languages.

Sweat Shops: Small, poor quality rooms wheres outsourced work is done.

Melting Pot: A term, coined by the US meaning a mixture of different cultures.

Jacob Riis: Writer of the book "How the Other Half Lives"

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By Isaac Reardon