Foster Families

Temporary homes for a Forever Impact

Family Challenge

Many kids come from abusive homes and do not choose the circumstances they come from. This can be a challenge for you and a challenge for the kid. Why not help them out and give them a safe place to go? It is a challenge for you and your family, but it will pay off in the end. We aren't superheroes, we can't save everyone, but we can help a few kids reach their potential one foster family at a time.

Challenge for Foster Family

In the foster family, it is their responsibility to work on behaviors. There are free trainings for this, and it will help you with any biological children you may have too.

Court is a slow system, and many times you take off work for court dates that are just set to a later date when you get there. Be prepared for this and have an open mind and stay in close contact with your case workers.

Time. Foster children have a ton of appointments that they need to go to. Some agencies have workers to drive the kids to and from visits and therapists. It can be hard to balance new kids in the home and your other family, but there is lots of support out there.

Challenge for Incoming Kids

Not all foster homes are geared towards the good of the child, and that is what makes people afraid of foster care. We need more homes who truly do have the good of the child in the front of their minds, and foster care workers who do not just want to pass off a case.

The poor children have bad history that has happened to them and they are not used to people trying to help them.

These kids are not used to your rules and may struggle with following them and with acting out.

They have feelings too and are used to being put down, so trust needs to be earned.

Lots of foster kids struggle with even seeing a future, let alone, knowing who they are right now.

They are not used to support and Foster care can bring about their success.

Challenging for Bio Kids

When old foster kids leave, their is a grieving process to be had by everyone. It is hard to get over the trials and watch someone grow so much, and then let them go.

When new foster kids come into the home, they come with all sorts of challenges and challenge the eye of authority. Results in the home come in the form of less time with parents for the other children, more negative values shown, etc. Bio kids have feelings too, and it's hard for them too.

Challenging for Bio Families

Bio families are often either fighting for their children back, or not caring. Some parents fight for their kids and do all their classes and work hard to meet the requirements to get their kids back, while others do nothing. Some kind of stand on the fence, or start to fight, and then lose the battle.

Sometimes foster care leads to adoption, which should a joyous day in the event of an adopter. It is hard to let family go, and it is nice if you can stay close the the Bio family if it is not a safety concern. Everyone has feelings and the kids are important to them, even if you couldn't see it through their actions. People grow. People can change. It would be challenging to have your child(ren) living with someone else and not being able to raise them, but it is for the betterment of the kid.

Prevalence of Challenge

Nationwide: 415,129 children were in foster care on September 30th, 2014

Nebraska: During fiscal year 2013-14, a total of 5,466 Nebraska children were in foster care for some portion of their life.

Long-Term Affect

The long term affects can be very damaging if they are not treated or caught. By taking a child into your home, you are increasing the chances that they actually live, in some cases. Foster care is saving abused and neglected kids and giving them homes where they are loved and wanted to be with. It is supposed to be a positive place where they can stay while their parents learn how to be parents.

Issue for Teenagers

Some teenagers have pregnancies and then the teen and baby they have need a foster home, or typical teenagers need homes.

Many teens are not wanted because children are more desirable, but they need homes.

A teenager in the home with foster teens coming in can create drama, or they can choose to make a positive impact in the other teen's life.

What can you do to address this issue?

Support the foster families you know, become educated. Based on adult living, we have learned the signs of abuse. If you see it, you need to report it. We have seen healthy relationships, that some kids don't know exist.

What can you do to improve the situation and prevent it from occurring in the future?

Become a foster parent, support those who are. Join places that help foster kids out. Donate money, time, or items to places for foster kids or directly to the foster parents.

Agencies that can help


Boy's Town


Nebraska's Children's Home Society

Child Saving Institute

Nebraska Families Collaborative