Thursday's Thoughts

Dec. 8, 2016

January 3rd

It may seem weird that we are thinking about Jan. 3rd before Christmas even gets here, but I wanted to make sure everyone was planning for this day. It will be the first day that students return. We will have a New Year's Celebration in the cafeteria to kick off the day, but I want it to continue into your classrooms with the resolutions and goals. I want you to really think about each of your students. Think about their strengths and their weaknesses. Look at their grades and determine what assignments do they continually struggle on and why that may be. Spend time really focusing on student's writing and their progression in reading and math. Use all of this information to come up with a goal for each of your students based on your data and what you know they need to improve to be ready for state testing or the next grade. We don't want this to be a haphazard goal setting session, but rather an intentional one on one time to speak with each student about goals for the upcoming year. This will look much different in K4 and K5, but grades 1-5 should be able to really make this a memorable day. I would like you to set one goal for each of your students and have them set one goal for themselves after talking with you. I would also like you to set a class goal.

We are also going to dress our very best on the 3rd. Please put a note in your newsletters asking students to dress up as well. We will have something for those that forget or that may not have dressy clothes. Please go big with this! My hope is that this day will help us to continue to work toward meeting our three goals:

1. No zeros on the writing test

2. Accurate reading levels

3. Writing about reading

Let me know if you have questions. Thank you for be willing to do whatever it takes to help our students!

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

The Last School Week Before Christmas, When All Through The School....

Lots of activities that would make CGE rule!

Monday: Staff field trip leaving at 4:30. If you teach GoalPost but want to go, I will make it happen. Just let me know.

Tuesday: Mr. Terry's retirement celebration and RTI meetings

Wednesday: K4 & K5 Christmas Program and the DO here to give out a Christmas surprise. The best part of Wednesday is the staff Christmas surprise. :-)

Thursday: Title One meeting at 6:00, Christmas concert at 6:30.

Friday: Christmas concert AM and parties begin at 1:30.

Writing Plans

K5-3rd have their writing plans. Remember to use these plans to plan all of your writing. We will get 4th and 5th out soon.