Watch Out

5th grader Expectations

Rule Number 1.)

Always respect your teachers!!!!

Rule Number 2.)

Do not be late to class!!

Rule Number 3.)

Have everything you need before you go to class!!!! (paper, pencils, etc.)

Rule Number 4.)

Follow the dress code. Or you will be sent home, or possibly go to ISS with Sargent Harris!!!!!!

Rule Number 5.)

Have your homework on it's due date!!!!


Don't let the 8th graders bully you!! If they start to bully you, go tell the teacher.
Boys and girls....don't have your mind in your relationship at school. (boyfriend and girlfriend) You won't be able to focus on your school work.
NO PDA!!!! (Public display of affection) (hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc)

Advice from 8th Graders!!! :)