Tech Tools for Teachers

EDUC 305


  • Review PDE SAS
  • Optional: check out Kahoot & Smore
  • Math majors take track 1
  • Science majors take track 2


  • Standards
  • Activities
  • Lesson plan ideas
  • Review Danielson framework
  • Materials and resources available

Check out the tool, Pair, Share

  • Check out PDE SAS
  • Chat with someone beside you
  • Share what you found / what you could use in your future classroom or current field

Formative assessment piece that is game based and has a competitive edge!


Create digital newsletters, content piece (alternative to powerpoints), interactive lessons, engaging station work, or interactive flyers for class.

Track 1- Math majors

Take some time to check out these math tools geared just for you!

Track 2 - Science majors

Take some time to check out these science tools geared just for you!


General Science/ Biology


Share out one new thing you learned about today and how you can use it in your future classrom

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