Siberian Tiger

By: Angelina Hajjar


WhoosH! Whoa what was that? That was the Siberian tiger running 60mph. I wouldn't want to be racing with them I would fall. Don't you think that's so cool. Well if you do read my report about Siberian tigers then you will know so much about them. So come on!

Appearance & Classification

The Siberian tiger is a mammal. This animal has babies. So cute. The Siberian tiger's size is just about the same size as a Bengal tiger. The animals height is 3.5 feet up to shoulders. The length is 7-11 feet head to tail. That's about the same size as a small car. It's weight is 250-650 pounds depending on sub-species. Wow I wouldn't want them sitting on my couch. They would probably break my couch. The colors of this animal is orange,black,and white. It's skin cover is fur. A interesting body feature this amazing cat has is sensory whiskers. The sensory whiskers can let the Siberian tiger feel movement and vibrations. Isn't that so cool?!

Habitat Information

The Siberian tiger lives in many places. Here is a list of the places where the Siberian tiger lives. The Dense Tropical Forest, Western Asia,Eastern Asia, Russia, Siberia, Cesky, Darsk, Deutsch, Francais, Norsk, Polsk, Galego. Wow that's a lot of places .The weather where the Siberian tiger lives is cold and woodlands. The Siberian tiger's home is like cold mountain or a big forest. One of it's favorite places to live is woodlands. This animal does not like grasslands but it likes woodlands. I wouldn't want to live there. I would like grasslands. But woodlands? The Siberian tiger sounds cool but I wouldn't want to live with it. Two reasons first reason is the Siberian tiger will kill you. Second reason is would you really want to live in woodlands in the wild.



Preditor & Prey

The Siberian tiger's enemies are humans. The Siberian tiger has no natural predators they will kill you they are the king. The Siberian tiger eats deer,wild boar,cattle,goats,pigs,antelope, and other meat. Wow I'm glad I'm not a animal or I would be it's dinner. The Siberian tiger is a carnivore. It eats meat This animal finds food when they hunt and then they pounce on their prey. They find their food where they live so they hunt probably in tall grass and shock their prey. They camouflage in dense tropical forest where they stalk prey. If you want to be a Siberian tiger's friend i wouldn't. You would end up loosing the fight.

Fascinating facts

1.The Siberian tiger's life span is to 18-25 years.

2.The Siberian tiger's top speed is 96 km/h (60 mph).

3.Their are thought to be less than 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild.

4.Has no preys except humans.

5.Siberian tiger cubs only drink milk from their mothers for 2 months.

6.For the first 18 months the cub goes hunting on it's own.

7.The Siberian tiger is also known as the Amur and Ussuri tiger

8.The Siberian tiger's scientific name is Panthera Tigris Altaica

9.Endangered high risk of extinction in the wild.

10.The Siberian tiger is very absoulutely feirce.

11.Large paws allow them to walk silently in heavy brush and powerful back legs enable them to pounce and jump great distances making the tiger a sleathly predator that's almost impossible to elude.

12.The Siberian tiger does not purr it roars.


So... how did you like it? I hope you you learned a lot about Siberian tigers. Now you're an expert on Siberian tigers. WhoosH I better go I'm getting chased by a Siberian tiger at 60mph! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!