Bill of rights Mini project

By Cole Knubley

1. Freedom of speech, press, assembly,petition, religion

This right is our basic rights to have a freedom to say what we want or even to have whatever religion we believe in.

2. the right to bear arms

This states we have the right to own and use guns/firearms to defend our selfs from danger.
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3. the quartering of soldiers

we dont have to open our house to military men, and the military cannot force us to do it.
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4. Unreasonablr searches and seizures

This amendment says that police officers cannot come into our house and search for stuff and look around for stuff unless they are issued a search warrant or a very good reason.
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5. The rights of the accused

The accused can't be tried for the same reason twice (double jeopardy).
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6. The right to a speedy trail

The accused have a choice to plead guilty to speed up the trail or wait til he is chosen innocent or guilty and has the right to know his prosecutors and a right to a lawyer.
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7.the right to be tried by a jury

The acussed has the right to be tried by a jury and not friends of the acused or of the acuser
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8.excessive bail or unusual punishment

the acused can't be put in jail and have excessive fines and cannot be forced a unusual punishment for his crime
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9.citizens rights

people of the U.S have the rights to protect themselfs even though it's not fully stated in the constitution
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10. the states rights

The state also have rights which are given to them by the government. one example is the driving age for states or some of the state allow weed in others it is forbbidden.
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