International Business Conference

T4U International Sales - We are Scaling!!

Invitation to the International Business Conference

When: 17th March 2015

Time: 9:00 am to 6 pm

Location: Hotel Movenpick, 115, HMT Road, New BEL Circle, Bangalore

Objective: T4U International Sales to touch 25000 vehicles by Dec 2015 and move towards achieving 1,00,000 Vehicles.

The International Sales Team is hosting this event and cordially invites all to this forum to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to present their individual and team efforts and contribution towards achieving aforementioned milestone.

International Sales, PMO’s, International CRC, CPD, NDG, Finance, to present their contribution in capturing the huge opportunities across the international geographies. All stakeholders brainstorm and to arrive at a consensus on enhancing the business opportunities within the stipulated timelines.

Business Agenda


Invitees [Mancom]: Mr. Pratap Hegde, Mr. Govardhan Shetty, Mr. Vinay Prasad, Mr. Abdul Haseeb

Seniors: Mr. Madhusudan K (Special invitee) Ms. Johanna Lawrence

CRC: Mr. Sujit Kumar

Finance: Mr. Prashanth Kumar

CPD: Mr. Nanda Kumar

PMO: Mr. Ajith N.R, Mr. Ankit Agrawal, Mr. Ramesh , Mr. Bhaskar, Mr. Harsha, Ms. Parinitha Mr.Govindraj, Mr. Vinay Prasad, Mr. Abdul Haseeb, Mr. Govardhan, Mr. Pratap

NDG: Mr. Amit Taneja, Mr. Chiranth


0930 - 1000: Opening Remarks by Mr. Pratap Hegde

1000 - 1100: International Sales Team

[Opportunities, Challenges, Solutions & Achievements]

1100 - 1330: PMO's approach to penetrating international markets for their respective verticals

[Ajith, Ankit, Govardhan, Harsha, Haseeb, Pratap & Vinay - 20 mins each]

1330 - 1400: Lunch

1400 - 1415: Strategic approach from CPD to support International Sales wrt H/w and Pricing

1415 - 1430: CRC's approach towards enhancing customer experience & ensuring satisfaction

1430 - 1445: Roadmap from Software team for the betterment of product to support Sales

1445 - 1500: SIT’s approach to support Intl Sales with advanced solution 1500 – 1515

NDG’s approach to enhance presence internationally, focus geographies, strategies

1515 - 1730: Brainstorming Session for achievement of 0.1 Mn vehicles.

1730 - 1800: Summary and closing remarks