Homework for the Parents!

Every Child's Dream Come True

Mr. Foreman Takes It Easy on the Students

Relax, it's not that bad. Your students have a permission slip and a quiz to be signed and returned to school. Please do not ask them for it. As we have discussed, a huge part of this year is personal accountability and responsibility.

Today we launched a new word study unit, began our ecosystems unit, and started studying fractions. The students are all working on travel brochures in our writing time to convince you to take trips to all the wonderful regions in Virginia.

Camp Albemarle on Wednesday, October 7th

This is actually my favorite trip and the one that seems to bear the brunt of cancellations due to weather. We are heading to Camp Albemarle on October 7th to wrap up our Ecosystems Unit. This trip is a fun way to bring all of the concepts we cover to life in a wet and wild adventure. You do get wet on trip. Parents too if you are interested in chaperoning. There is no cost for the trip. More details on clothing choices, lunches, safety will be forthcoming.