My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I started 7th grade."

Changes This Year

This year was my first year at CVMS. I was so nervous on the first day of school, but as a few weeks want by, I started to love middle school. I also started to love my classes and I was so happy that I got into my first choice elective, Journalism. I soon started to realized that I was really interested in science and math and I started to do a lot more community service such as bake sales and a Mother's Day Tea server. I also started to gain more interest in baking. Finally, this year I also got a lot better at soccer and I went to the beach with my family more often.
DNA Structure

My Science Instructional Video

My Genius Hour Baking Blog

In Conclusion...

Middle school has really changed my life this year. With having a different teacher for each subject, I learned to see which classes I really have an interest in and this will help be choose a possible carrier choice in the future. My interest in baking also had pushed me to do things I wouldn't have before like try out to be on a TV baking competition! Overall, transitioning into middle school was a bumpy ride, but in the end it turned out that it was something that will impact my life forever.