Mid Year 2022-23


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Feeling stressed is extremely common

A certain amount of teen stress is normal. It’s a natural emotional, psychological, and physical reaction to the big and small challenges of daily life. Teenagers often feel stress due to the myriad of changes, both internal and external, that comes with life. But the last few years have vastly multiplied the number of teenage stressors and, as a result, increased how many teens are affected by stress.

6 Tools for Coping with Teenage Stressors

Teenage stress management includes learning how to deal with stress at school, at home, and in social situations. Tools for stress relief for teens can provide easy ways to activate the relaxation response. Here are six evidence-based approaches to stress management for teens.

1.) Breathe deeply- Research shows that slowing down the breath may be one of the most effective coping skills for teens, because it activates the rest-and-digest system. Square/Box breathing

2.) Practice Mindfulness- Meditation and mindfulness activities encourages teens to witness their emotions from a slight distance rather than getting caught up in them.

3.) Move your body -Physical activity increases the body’s production of endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Choose something you like to do so that exercise won’t feel like a chore. Need some ideas?

4.) Get the right amount of sleep- Whether or not you get enough Zs can have a big impact on stress. When you're sleep-deprived, you may find stressful situations much more threatening/stressful. Develop good sleep habits

5.) Create a support network- Social relationships improve mental and physical health. The more support we have, the more resilient we are against stress. Your network should be made up of people you trust (family, peers, school counselors, mentors, and mental health professionals) who will listen closely to you and empathize with what you’re going through. Crisis Text Line- Text HELLO to 741741.

6.) Take control of what can be controlled- Getting the facts and making plans can help counteract stress. If you have a big project looming, you can create a schedule that will keep you on track (FREE checklist, schedule, and planner templates). If you are facing an unknown situation, you can do some research so you'll know what to expect. Being prepared with information and planning ahead can help prepare you to face challenges head on, with more confidence.

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This year, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to visit several college campuses.

  • 2/7: UNE
  • 2/27: Great Bay Community College
  • 2/22: NH School of Mechanical Trades
  • 3/7: SNHU
  • 3/30: St. Anselms
  • 4/6: Empire Beauty School

I need permission slips by Wednesday, Feb 1st. We also have permission slips in the Counseling Dept. as well. Parents can also take a picture of the permission slips and email them to me.