go a mile in my Cowboy Boots!

Walking the cattle drive!

Time line / brief history

Cowboy boots where made in the 16th century. Cowboy boots where made for riding back In the Cattle Era. Spain during the age of exploration, brought over the idea of cowboy boots! Their are two kinds of cowboy boots, roping and ridin! Their both different but they have their similarities to, like u can ride or rope Or ride in both, but I suggest you use them for what their made for. The "shaft" or neck is lose so that when your ridin, if the horse gets spoked, it wount drag you around in the dirt and you wount get a magor injury. The heal helps you stay on, so you wount fall off. Later after the cattle drive, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky took on the idea for the cowboy, and cowgirl boots.

The day in the life of a cowboy!

The Cowboys were specific kinds of boots for the job.When the cattle drive first became known as the cattle drive all the Cowboys had to walk a long way to get to their distention a couple of states away.They wore cowboy boots to do all these things, they walked in them, ran in them and had some fun in them, at the end of the day their boots would get so dirty that u couldn't tell their pants from the boot! So they would have to wash them off in a lake if they had one near them. Those cowboy boots can take a lot, can't they!

My passion connected to the cowboy boots!

My passion connecting me, to these boots is that I love old western stuff, love the music and every thing about it, but what got me the most was the boots. Because the had to have takin a lot from those Cowboys, I should know I have a pare that I have had for 2 years! But their were given to me so really their like 6 or 7. And they still look good as new! The other reason is that my parents don't have a lot of money, but we're making it, like they Had to. I had to seal a bunch of my stuff to get some new ones. My parents worked ther hide off, so now we have a good place to stay, but it's not big! , I still haven't rode a horse but My dream, to someday ride a one!
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