Kindergarten Week of Sept. 14-19

Decker Prairie Cougars


*Pack a snack daily

*Please send a water bottle

*Pack an extra set of clothes

*Extra masks are great too

Upcoming Dates

September 22: Face to face and virtual learning Parent Orientation 5:00-5:45


Introductory Letters - I can identify and vocalize the letters P, N, S, A.

Introductory Sight Words - I can read the sight words see and a.


This week we will focus on writing the lower and upper case letters P N S A.

We will also work on student of the day. We will learn more about our classmates.


This week we will begin to learn about number sense.


Science: This week we will explore the 5 senses in science safety.

Social studies: This week we will learn about rules and why we have them.

Great Expectations

Our expectation of the week is: Expectation #2 We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes, nor use sarcasm or put-downs.

Life principle of the week: Self discipline means to think before acting, and to use good judgment.

Your Kinder Team