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Dear Carolyn

Dear Carolyn:

i'm having a tough time with this new guy that is working here at the CDD.

he's a newbie and i don't usually like newbies. but i guess what i'm trying to say is, can you help me try to get under his skin. maybe make him think i don't like him. but i really do.

please help, in love maiden

dear, in love maiden:

Well it looks like you're in a bit of a tiff. so i'll tell you what i would do. i wouldn't try to hide me feelings. letting your feelings build up inside you can be a dangerous thing. just come out and say. i like you OK, don't judge me. and that should do it, and i bet anything he has the same feelings for you. ;)

you're welcome, Carolyn

Your favorite book now on the big screen!!!!

That on book you've always loved!!

Is finally here, Brain-jack the movie. This movie is a must see action filled film with a little bit of romance. Everything that you loved in the book is coming alive. From Sam to Ursula. Every character you've grown to know will be right there in front of your face!

“But since then, it seemed he had been caught up in a hurricane, whirling from one thing to another with scarcely enough time to catch a breath. Perhaps that was good. Because if he stopped and took the time to think about things too deeply, dark thoughts started to intrude.”
~ Brian Falkner, Brain Jack

Car Chases Almost Every Week!!

Last night there was a report of a black mustang racing down the highway. The car seemed to be followed by some military personal. We have not gotten much info on these chases but when we ask commander of the CDD this is all he said. "there are some of our agents runnin lose, uh we gotta catch'em before everythin goes haywire" So with that Intel we have grown to believe that the nations own hackers are hacking there own nation. With that said we have no one to believe in this matter of time!
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