Free Education Apps for Teachers

These Apps are great resources to use in your classroom!

The Tools

Teacher Assist: This a great App for all teachers. It is free as well as it has many different features such as: taking attendance, keeping track of homework, having students create notes, and having a management systems for each student where you are able to create, delete and modify students in your class!

Socrative Teacher/Student: This is a great App for teachers to personalize their classroom. It gives teachers a way to do tests. It uses Google Integration. It also has a viewing for teachers and students in real time

Spelling City: This is a great App for elementary teachers. There are multiple games such as Spelling TestMe, HangMouse, Missing letter and other games. Activities are great for kids and can be alphabetical.

Even More Tools

Children's Learning Games: This app is great for Kindergarten to Grade 1 teachers. There are games to help students learn letters, words, spelling, clock reading, and more. It is fun and can be interactive for the students.

School Assistant: This is a great app for teachers of junior high or high school. It is meant to help keep students organized. It does great things such as silence your phone, and set reminders for upcoming events. It syncs with Google and has no ads.

These are great Apps to help teachers