Fashion 101 Blog

Welcome to my fasion 101 blog!

Hi my name is Paige! I am in middle school and love fashion! I will teach you about the latest fashion trends, sketching and design, tips and tricks for sewing, interior designing, fashion advertising, and fashion history and how it influences our trends today.

Sketching and Design

The first part to designing outfits is drawing the body! For me this has always been the hardest part but the website below has helped me a lot!

Tips and Tricks for Sewing

This week I am going to teach you about hand sewing! The first step is making the knot.
How to Tie a Knot for Hand Sewing

Interior designing

I think it would be such a cool job to be an interior designer! After you learn about colors and textures you use that to design a room! The six main designs is victorian, traditional, shabby-chic, cottage style, mission/shaker, and contemporary,

Fashion Advertising

When it comes to advertising your product, the most important part is your endorsement. what catches peoples eye is when their favorite celebrity is on the commercial, magazine, billboard, and etc.
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Fashion history

Lost of previous fashion fads are making a comeback!