Welcome to 6th Grade

It's hard but it gets easier!

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We have been expecting you! This will probable be one of your best school years of your life. You will meet many new friends. Opening your locker is also not as hard as it looks. Overall 6th grade is great!

Chromebook Care

In 6th grade you will be moving to every class every hour. I is very important to keep your Chromebook in it's case at all times wile you are not using it. If you break it you will have to pay $$. Also plug it into it's charger every day after school to keep it charged. Over all you need to be very responsible if you want to keep your Chromebook.
Chromebook Care for Students


Lockers are not as hard to open as everyone thinks. Your homeroom teacher (Your first teacher of the day) will go over exactly how to open your locker. If you are having trouble opening your locker grab a nearby teacher and ask her if she can help. After a few days you will open your locker easy.


Everyone thinks that the teachers in middle school are scary. Some teachers can be harsh at times but that's just because that what they are saying is really important. Make sure to pay attention! If you don't you might not do very good on your next test. The teachers are trying to help you and better your future so be nice to them.

Hallway Behavior

As you know you will be moving from class to class every hour, so you will be in the hallway a lot. You should never have to run because you have about three minutes to get to class. Also you should never book check someone. Book checking is basically knocking peoples stuff out of their hands. If a teacher sees you do it you will probable get in big trouble. There is also a lot of people in the halls so watch out for people around you.