Dana Exercise Program

By Kylie and Megan

What foods will make the family healthy?

Skim milk would be good for breakfast.A fruit as a snack. Included fruits,vegtables,dairy,protien, and grains in meals. Grains like bread,waffles,pancakes, and for dairy yogert, milk, cheeseFor fruits grapes,strawberries,bananasFor vegetables corn,carrots,tomatoesFor protian eggs,beans,meat.


You can ride a bike.You can jump rope. Dancing is fun to do. If you want to be calm do yoga.

What Exerises Can Everyone Do?

If you are young you can walk to school.  If you want to walk your dog instead of walking run.You can run or jog around your yard.You can count your steps.You can do easeir yoga.

How Long Should Exerise Take?

For children, it is best to exercise 60 mintues or more. For teens, about 45 mintues of exercise is the right amount. For adults, you need only 30 mintues.The older you are the less you need.

How do you make healthy foods?

You can make meals healthier by adding fruits and vegetables. You should also measure your calories. Your body needs foods with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

How many times a week should you exercise?

For childern I would recommend 3 times a week. Grown ups I would say 2 times a week.

I would do it every other day.