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We've had a wonderful week! This week we transitioned from nonfiction social studies text to review fiction. In fact, we read fairy tales this week. We looked at different versions of fairy tales and both compared and contrasted them. We worked on comprehension skills and analyzing text. Our first fairy tale was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We then read Tackylocks and the Three Bears, which was the penguin version. After reading both, we created a graphic organizer (a Venn diagram) and discussed the similarities and differences of the two versions. We discussed how, when using this type of organizer, if we need to have balance. That means that if we discuss a difference then we we write it out on both sides of the circles. For example, in the first version of the three bears, Goldilocks was a little girl and the bears were bears. In the second version, Goldilocks was Tacky the penguin and the three bears were penguins acting as bears. And when we filled in the similarities, we tried to have the same number. We practiced this with the fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin and The Girls Who Spun Gold along with Cinderella and Bigfoot Cinderrrrella.

Along with fairy tales, we have work on pronouns this week. We discussed the importance of pronouns as they take the place of nouns. We learned that we use them all the time and that a balance of nouns and pronouns are necessary. We tried talking without pronouns and found this to be extremely challenging. We have learned about singular and plural pronouns, subject and object pronouns (SO7...7 subject pronouns [I, he, she, you, it, we, they] and 7 object pronouns that match [me, him, her, you, it, us, them]). We also worked on possessive pronouns.

Next week we will be focusing on subject/predicate and types of sentences.

We are also going to start a research project on animals. Students will choose an animal from another continent and conduct a short research project on it. They will then present their information to the class. Students will be given more specific instructions next week. Also on Monday, we will have our end of third grade ELA assessment. This will be a short assessment that sees how well students can analyze a short fiction story and a short nonfiction piece.

We will also be looking at different types of poetry next week.

We are also continuing our journey through cursive.

Kara Merriman

Thank you for the amazing teacher appreciation gifts. I definitely feel loved. Here are some up and coming important dates.


Mankin: library

Merriman: PE


Mankin: art

Merriman: computer lab


Mankin: PE

Merriman: art





Mankin: field day

Merriman: field day

Monday, May 9: end of year ELA assessment

Wednesday, May 11: Cheekwood field trip

Friday, May 13: Field day, talent show, BOGO book fair

Monday, May 16: Career Day

Tuesday, May 17: KOB assembly

Thursday, May 19: ROAR Party

Monday, May 23: Nashville Zoo field trip

Friday, May 27: Last day (2 hours)