Norfolk Jr. High

By Ritchie Barritt


traning cards

Once upon a time, there was a Demon who came out at night, a mysterious Demon. What the demon didn't know was he was being hunted by Satan. There is only one thing to do, it's kill or be killed, and instead of the Reaper making little children miserable, Satan's making the Reaper miserable. The Reaper sees his next victim, so he takes out his staff and then Satan tackles the Reaper and takes him to the Unknown. They have a battle to the death, until Satan's mother came to stop the fight, and she grounds her kid. Meanwhile, Kuolema is having troubles as well. Victims seem to be well prepared against him. He cannot get a proper hold of skin to drag them to Illuusio. Kuolema needs to formulate a plan, and thus seeks advice from the Reaper. The Reaper suggested using a blade or similar device to cut through the clothing and reveal skin. Although Kuolema doesn’t use blades, he decided to give it a try. He sneaks into a person’s house, while they dreamt peacefully, and slowly sliced their sleeve to reveal bare flesh. Kuolema took hold and dragged him to Illuusio where their souls wander indefinitely, perpetually confused and in pain. Kuolema does this for life force, so all is well until something else comes up - the Reaper is competing for victims. Kuolema needs to seek him out and put a stop to this. The Reaper meanwhile is able to get plentiful victims, until he senses something behind him, not living, but not dead. Kuolema opens his mouth and his voice booms out “You need to leave this place, as you are taking victims essential for my life.” The Reaper spins around and smacks Kuolema with the back of his staff, as Kuolema tumbles over. He dashes up toward the Reaper and struggles to find a rip in his clothing, even though he has no flesh. The Reaper attempts to knock Kuolema off of his heels, but is unsuccessful, and Kuolema continues until he is able to grab bare bone, and pulls him to Illuusio. The Reaper is used to being disoriented, being stationed in the underworld, but as Illuusio shifts and warps, he can’t help but become weak and dizzy. Kuolema slides underneath him and grabs his ankles, pulling him down. He steps over the Reaper, now disoriented, and places his hand on the Reaper’s spine. “If you wish to live, you must not interfere with my victims,” Kuolema’s voice rang out. The Reaper disintegrated to ash, and Kuolema never saw him again.


There are 250 games available today on Xbox 360, including 71 Xbox LIVE games. Eighteen million Xbox 360 games have been sold worldwide. When you play games, it is good practice, and a good hobby. It’s fun to get cheat codes. If you get the ring of death the xbox is dead. The Xbox 360 was released in 2010. The Xbox 720 will be released with the price of $299.99 on Dec. 21, 2013.

favoritwe app

YouTube is the best app because you can look up funny videos. You can also look up game cheats.

If you really love YouTube you can make your own account. You can put your videos on it. The best part is that you can watch full length movies.



More education

Better grades

Longer sports

To hang out with friends

More pe


More homework

Seeing the same teachers drive nuts



I'm against more school because there would be more homework and seeing the same teachers for a year would drive me crazy.

favorite cartoon


tally marks

total for each row






regular show




adventure time




ed, edd, n eddy








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