Revolutionary Ideas of Successing


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The colonies were once segregated at a point in time but banded together in unity during the heightened tension with Britain. They combined their ideas to unify themselves as one country during the Revolutionary War. By joining together to make a unified nation they were able to support one another throughout the war rather than being separated and not succeeding.
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The alliances that the colonists created allowed them to gain financial support and military support. This is a factor that allowed them to win against Great Britain in the American Revolution. Not only did their foreign allies give the American troops supplies and numbers, but they also helped develop and improve their military strategic tactics.
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Ideological Commitment

Thomas Paine wrote one of the most famous revolutionary writing's today. He gave the common American people an idea of a nation of freedom from the mother country. This boasted all Americans in hopes to break all ties from the mother country.
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Battle at Bunker Hill

During the various battles of the Revolutionary War, the Americans used all of their dwindling supplies to the most it could possibly be used for. They were determined and brave to win and benefit from these fights. The Americans did not show mercy for these events related to warfare. For example, during the Battle of Bunker Hill the soldiers were instructed not to shoot until they could see the whites of their eyes.