Free Fitness Camp

Wild Horse Park

Come Get Your Work Out On!!

This summer Stallion Wellness Lounge and Bubble Cuppies Nutrition will be hosting free summer fitness camps on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at Wild Horse Park. We meet at 6:30 on the pond side of the park next to the older baseball fields. We will start with a quick stretch followed by a 30 to 45 minute work out! Beginner, intermediate, and expert categories are available for all fitness levels so you choose where you fit in! This a fun work out centered around making communities fit one work out at a time! Come build friendships and healthier habits with us every Monday and Wednesday evening!

Interval/ Circuit Training

Wild Horse Park

Monday 6:30 pm

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Ask us about other local fit camps for more opportunities to work out with us!!

Free Summer Fit Camp

We are a group of healthy individuals looking to better one community at a time, by offering free fit camps for who ever is ready to take the first steps back to health! We love people of all fitness levels, and work to challenge each individual all the while having fun and building positive relationships with in the community!