The Scoop on the PSAT and SAT

Published January 2022



The PSAT, offered by the College Board, is considered a practice version of the SAT. Math, Reading, and Writing are tested. It is only given once a year in October. Students can take it as a sophomore and again as a junior.

The benefits of taking the PSAT are as follows:

• The PSAT familiarizes testers with the test questions and format of the SAT.

• PSAT results are confidential...they do not appear on the high school record, so even if you do poorly, it's not going to keep you from being accepted at a certain college.

• Your score report shows your performance compared to other college-bound students AND gives you access to FREE, PERSONALIZED SAT practice at Khan Academy.

• You might qualify for the National Merit Scholarship if you take it as a junior.

Here is a sample score report:

Students are notified about PSAT sign-ups via school email and the morning announcements. Sign-ups are through the Counseling Center, and the test is taken at school on a day designated by the College Board.

Here is a link you can take a practice PSAT exam if you'd like...

Did you take the PSAT in October and need to see your scores?

Click here to learn how to access your online score report.

The counselors will also be reviewing scores with students after the scheduling meetings on February 10th.



The SAT covers verbal and math skills with an optional essay component. "Most" colleges do not require the essay, but some do. You can search here to see if your potential colleges require it.

While many colleges require the SAT, others are choosing to go "test-optional" and may not require the SAT at all. It certainly will not hurt for college bound students to take the exam, but please know it is not always required.

Any students with an IEP or 504 plan can apply for accomodations. These may or may not be approved and must be submitted at LEAST 7 weeks prior to the exam. Please contact your case manager or school counselor to apply.

It is recommended that you take the SAT in the spring of your junior year. If you do poorly, you could test again in fall of your senior year. The test is offered at West Perry in March and June of 2022 on Saturdays as designated by the College Board. Register online at Here are the remaining dates this school year.

**SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND: You do not get points taken off your score for wrong answers, so it is always best to take a guess for every question!! You may know more than you think you do!

Test Date:..........................Deadline to Register:

March 12th, 2022................February 11th, 2022

May 7th, 2022...................... April 8th, 2022

June 4th, 2022......................May 5th, 2022

If you are on free or reduced lunch, see your counselor for a fee waiver.

Here is a checklist for your SAT day and a detailed flyer explaining the steps to registration:

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Practice Makes Perfect

Here are some suggested websites for SAT practice. There are also many apps available on the App Store. Do not feel that you need to pay for practice--there are many free resources, including these below.

Start a Study Group

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