Scaffolding vs Diff. Instruction

Is it apples vs apples or apples vs oranges?

In other words....

On January 17th the question of whether scaffolding is the same or different from differentiated Instruction drove my PD session. This poster can serve as a reminder of the topics and tools we discussed. Our collaborative discussion starter, created with padlet, can be viewed here.

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Technology - A Great Equalizer

When scaffolding and/or finding ways to DIFFERENTIATE how your PRESENT INSTRUCTION, technology can be the key to leveling the playing field for our students with learning differences. Here is a Symbaloo web collection of tools you might find useful to try this semester. Additionally, this poster was created with it for creating online instructional materials to complement your face to face instruction.

#1 Frequently Asked Question

What are some strategies to simplify or ease planning for individualizing (DIFFERENTIATING) my direct instruction of concepts and skills? As I compile strategies and resources for Scaffolding and Differentiation, I will post them here. To get started, some of the best "out of your seat" activities are found at the National School Reform Faculty website. Also, because some planners like the idea of a form to help brainstorm ways to meet the diverse needs of learners, here is a plan form for SCAFFOLDING and a plan form for DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION.