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"God made dirt: and Dirt don't hurt"

Type of Water Pollution

Suspended Matter due to the fact that the sediments stay suspended in the body of water till they fall to the bottom to create a thick silt layer.

Sources and Locations of Sedimentation

Streams, rivers, lakes, locations near mudslides.

Problems Caused

Environmental problems from sedimentation consist of;

  1. Erosion from mountains and rocks.
  2. Negative effects on aquatic areas with limiting sunlight and killing off the diversity of the ecosystem.
Health problems from sedimentation consist of;

  1. Large floods leave sedimentation in houses causing medical problems such as mold and other pathogens.
  2. When floods come they bring harmful elements that can seep into the water systems and poison the water or contaminate it.

Residence Time

Could not locate a specific residence time for Sediments so i will proceed with caution

How do we Treat this problem

Unless we can control the weather there is not really a whole lot we can do. The erosion from rain causes the sediments to seep in and pollute the water systems. Make sure to have a purified filter to extract and harmful pollutants that can come into your drinking water. Furthermore, we can allow for more algae plants and the progressiveness of planting trees to gain strong roots and hold the dirt together.