2nd Grade News

with Ms. Przedpelski

A Wonderful First Week Back!

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

Happy New Year to you all! We have had such a great first week of our second semester together. All of your students seemed very excited to be back in our classroom and with their peers. We have jumped right into our second semester, and I am excited to see what this new semester will bring.

Please read through this week's newsletter for some important announcements, reminders, and some new news! Email me if you have any questions or concerns.


Ms. Przedpelski

Important Information:

1. Homework Packets: Weekly homework packets will continue to be sent home on Friday and due the following Friday. This week's homework will be coming home with your 2nd grader today. You can always find a copy of your child's homework packet on FSA Connect under their Math course.

2. Weekly Extra Credit on Study Island: Earlier this week I sent an email explaining a new extra credit opportunity that I will be doing this semester. If your child completes the OPTIONAL assignments posted each week in Study Island, they will receive an additional 100 in that subject area. Students must complete at least TEN questions on the assignment to earn the credit. I will be posting the optional Study Island extra credit assignments on FSA Connect so I can give students a grade for completing it. These assignments will be reinforcement of skills/concepts we are practicing in class. Please understand that if your child does NOT complete the optional assignments, they will be be exempted from the assignment on FSA Connect and it will NOT impact their grade.

This is something new that we are trying... please give me feedback on how this is going at home if your child is completing these optional assignments!

3. January Reading Logs and Reflections: Due to not being in school the first days of January, I will only be requiring students to complete TWO reflections this month: 1 Chapter book and 1 Nonfiction book. AR QUIZZES WILL COUNT TOWARDS REFLECTION GRADES BEGINNING THIS MONTH.

Students must:

1. Read their books

2. Take an AR quiz and receive a passing score

3. Last, write a reflection on their book

Students must do ALL of these things in order to receive full credit on their reflections.

Students will have opportunities during our daily 5 time each day to take AR quizzes, but they must read their books before they can quiz - so encourage your students to read at home! :-)

4. January AR Goals: If students read and score a passing grade on at least 3 AR quizzes this month... they will receive a dress down day as a reward at the beginning of February!

5. Jackets: We are experiencing some Winter weather now :) Please make sure your child comes to school in an appropriate jacket for the weather outside. Also, many jackets are ending up in the lost and found because students go directly from recess to the cafeteria. Please make sure your child's jackets are labeled with their name!

Student Re-enrollment Forms

Your child is bringing home their re-enrollment form for the 2016-2017 school year today. I hope your child is having a wonderful year at FSA, and that they will be continuing their journey with us! Please note that these forms along with the tuition deposit are due by February 5, 2016.

Six Flags Reading Logs

I hope your students are working on filling our their Six Flags reading logs! Please be reminded these are due on February 24th. This is optional, but a great way to encourage your students to read!

Important Dates to Mark Down:

January 18: MLK Day - No School

January 31: Technology Fair Hosted by FSA

February 5: Re-enrollment forms due

February 15: Presidents Day - No School

February 25: PreK-5th Grade field trip to the Alliance Theatre (more info to come on Monday)

Curriculum Corner


Next week we will be reading a story titled A Weed is a Flower. We will practice re-telling stories, identifying author's purpose, and sequencing a story. Part of sequencing will be to practice summarizing a story in your own words. We will work on these skills all week. We will also continue to practice verbs: past, present, and future!

Ms. P's Math Class:

Ms. P's math class will continue to work on measuring. We have introduced measuring in centimeters and meters, and comparing lengths. We will continue to measure and find the difference in lengths of objects. We will also work on solving word problems that use measurements.

Ms. Minor's Math Class:

Ms. Minor's class will continue to work on division next week. Students will continue showing division with pictures and practicing multiplication facts. Students will quiz on Friday! It is very important the students continue to work on multiplication facts at home to ensure they can divide with confidence in the classroom.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies we will continue our discussion about wants/needs and goods/services. We will discuss making choices and how we make choices in our everyday life. We will spend quite some time on this economics chapter of our Social Studies curriculum.


This week we began our chapter all about Living Things. We will continue next week to discuss how things grow and change. We will be discussing the life cycles of different animals and plants and comparing them!