Slaves are brought to Jamsetown dock' & runaway slave reward

The first ships arrived in the dock of Jamestown and has been unloaded with 50,000 slaves.

George Washington bought a family of slaves last week: a young girl, two boys, a mother, and father. "They ran away last night" said George. He has given a reward to any body who finds the family. The eldest son was captured by Mr.Olinvander he has been rewarded a qurter of the reward.They slole a horse , 1 pound of grain, some tea and sugar, and 28 ripe peaches and oranges."I morn the lost tea and sugar sense we have saved the tea for ages,it was a gift from my mother she sent it all the way to the colonies from England" says Martha Washington.

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Slaves should obay their masters

The slaves should be punished if Even the thought of running way seeps in to there brains like the Bible says

"Slaves should obey their masters like we obey God"
quote from the Bible