Jefferson for president!

Here are three reason why Jefferson should be president!

His beliefs about a strong military

One reason I chose Jefferson is because he believed that a strong military wouldn’t be good for the government, which is what I believe. I believe that because I think that a strong military, however helpful it may seem, would start oppressing the people, just like the British did. One of the reasons we revolted against the British is because some of the things that their military was doing to us and if we create a strong military, we will just revolt against ourselves. That is one of the reasons I chose Jefferson to be president.

His point of view on the Alien and Sedition Acts

Another reason that I picked Jefferson is because he believed that the Alien and Sedition Acts were a violation of the first amendment, and when you think about it, it is. John Adams created these acts for two reasons. One, so that immigrants had to wait nine more years before becoming citizens, and two, so that no one could speak badly about the government. To me, that goes against the first amendment, which grants us freedom of speech. If John Adams had the power to create more laws like that, then the Bill of Rights would be worthless. That is another one of the reasons why I chose Jefferson.

What he thinks about having a strong federal government

The third and finally reason that I would’ve chosen Jefferson is because that the states should have more power than the federal government. The British had a strong federal government, and we wanted to become independent from them, so it doesn’t make any sense for us to create a government that could become too powerful like the British because we would want to, again, revolt against ourselves. That is the third reason why I chose Jefferson to become president.