Czech Republic

Andrew Coyle, Period 6, 4/28/15

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Climate/ Weather

The Czech Republic has a normal continental climate. The winters are cold and cloudy, but the sunny and warm summers make up for it. The summers are without question the best time to go here. Overall, the average temperature is 47.5 degrees Fahrenheit (8.5 degrees Celsius)


The Czech Republic has many aspects of culture. For one, Franz Kafka, a writer, was born in Prague, and for that reason the Czech Republic is big on literature. Christmas is also celebrated in the Czech Republic, and there is still a Santa Claus, but it's not all the same. A couple of days before Christmas, all kids visit Santa Claus... or the devil. If the kids are good, Santa gives them candy. If they're bad, the devil takes them away in his bag. Folk dancing is also popular.

Prague, Czech Republic Folk Dancing

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO (jk don't open this)


Meals include roasted duck, pork schnitzel, beef goulash, fried cheese, fruit filled dumplings, beef sirloin, stuffed bell peppers, breaded mushrooms, and roasted chicken. A dumpling is "a rounded mass of steamed and seasoned dough, often served in soup or with stewed meat." Dumplings are prepared on top of foods often.

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