ELA Class Update

1st 6-weeks Progress Report

So far this year ...

This is an update on what's been happening in our English/Language Arts class so far this year. You will receive these updates every three weeks (when progress reports or report cards go home). Please use this as a reminder to check up on your student's grade using Power School or ask to see a printed a progress report from your student.

I usually send home printed progress reports (I shrink them to 1/4 of a page to save paper) and request that they be signed and returned for a homework grade. I will accept an email response or a signed note to let me know you've seen the grade if the original PR is lost.

Flocabulary (rotation with Grammar)

Flocabulary is a program designed to teach students new vocabulary words using educational hip hop songs. The words in each unit are chosen to assist students with vocabulary that will be seen and used in everyday life (we like to look for Flocab words in our reading, in newspapers, and on the news). Check out www.flocabulary.com for more information.

We have completed two Flocabulary Units so far. Students are quizzed on knowing the word's definition, synonyms, and antonyms.

Ask your student to sing part of a Flocab song!

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Grammar (rotation with Flocabulary)

Students have taken one Grammar quiz on nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Overall, grades were in the upper 90%. Students who failed this quiz will be required to attend a remediation session and will be given the opportunity to make corrections.

When we are on a Grammar rotation, I am available for tutoring every morning at 8am. Students should let me day the day before (either in person or through email) so I can have an activity prepared.

They Cage the Animals at Night (TCAN)

This is our current class novel. Students have been completing the majority of their reading at school and working on a Reader Response Journal at home. This journal has been checked once for accuracy and completeness. It will be checked again once the unit is complete. See Moodle for the Prezi tutorial on how it was set up and a Word document with sentence starters for each section.

Students will take short reading comprehension quizzes on this book. The quizzes are short answer and check for understanding, connections, and some inferential thinking.

There will be a Unit Test on Non-Fiction and TCAN as well as a small group project. Look for more information on these two assignments in the near future (Test on 9/30, Project due on 10/6).

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Coming Soon!

Our next unit will focus on Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories. Students will read these complex texts in class to examine their structure, literary elements, and themes. We may also look at one of his mysteries in comparison with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories.

Following this, we will study Shakespeare and read The Tempest. I highly recommend that you purchase a book for your student to use and annotate. Here is a link to the version we will use in the classroom: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-tempest-william-shakespeare/1116741622?ean=9781411400764

Lauren Winchester

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Our class Moodle site is linked here also - there you will find a Google Calendar with all important due dates, quizzes, daily class activities, and homework.