Viola Liuzzo

Viola Gregg Liuzzo was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (DNAACP) and was driven to Alabama for the events of "Bloody Sunday". When she arrived she was the only white woman in the campaign for Black people. She walked four days without shoes to Montgomery.
Viola was born in California, Pennsylvania. Her father was working in the coal mines until he lost a hand in an explosion. They later moved to Tennesse because her mom got a job as a teacher, then to Georgia when she lost her job. Viola then moved to Michigan to live with her husband and five children.
Viola saved hundreds of blacks by shuttling them from Montgomery back to Selma. One fateful night she was driving with Leroy Moton when they were getting rammed from behind. The car behind them contained four KKK members. They pulled alongside Viola opened the passenger window and opened fire. She was shot twice in the head and, miraculously, Moton survived by feigning death, covered in Viola's blood.
350 people attended Viola's funeral including Martin Luther King JR. The police later then found the four people responsible for her murder. One of the criminals was Gary Rowe, and all charges were removed from him because he was an FBI informant. For that over 200 people sued and protested for Rowe's involvment in the murder. Years later her college awarded her with an honoray Doctor of Laws Degree.

Viola Gregg Liuzzo for Nobel Prize

Viola Gregg Liuzzo was one of the most important people in the events of the Civil Rights Movement. When she saw the events of "Bloody Sunday" she took her car from Michigan all the way to Georgia. When she arrived she was the only white woman helping with the problem of segregation. She saved over a hundred people and yet she has no recognition.
She desrves the Nobel Peace Prize because she stood her ground in the midst of attacks on the blacks and that she was the only white woman made her a big target and yet she helped them all and saved hundreds of black people. She should receive the prize more than any other because she deserves at least a little recognition about how she saved so many people.
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