Rebecca: A Writer

Reflections of a Wannabe Writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I love to write and have been doing so from age seven. I constantly have ideas in my head for new children's books, poems, songs, and even a memoir. I wish I was more descriptive and had a higher level of vocabulary.

A Memorable Experience

In my Art Education class at UGA, we were asked to make a book from beginning to end. These steps included binding the pages, designing, and creating the inserts and outer covers. Most of the students in my class decided to end the process there and call the finished product a "journal" filled with black pages. I decided to write and illustrate a children's book about an alien who goes to earth to buy sneakers entitled, Morris Tenderfoot. My professor was so impressed that she asked me to create a manuscript. she told me she was eager to send it into Peachtree Publishers. I am not sure if she actually did, but it was this experience that gave me back the confidence to compose the books I had been writing since childhood.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

~Continue to work on structure

~Enhance my writing with descriptive adjectives

~Continue to work on grammar and attention to detail.

About Me

I am a true, proud, Atlanta native and UGA graduate. I am the mother of six year old Trinity kindergartner, Emerson. I am a grad student at Mercer University. I love laughing, Italy, California, and pop culture.