World Religion Project:Confucianism

By: Nallely Rivera, Adan Tryana-Doyle


What is this religions most important belief?

Confucianism is a philosophical system that is often called a religion.One of the main elements of Confucianism is humanistic or as the philosopher Herbert Fingarette calls it "the secular as sacred".This focuses on the practical order inscribed as the awareness of the Tian and a proper respect of the gods(Shen), particularly family.This rest on the belief that humans can be perfected through self-cultivation and self-creation. Some concepts and practices include rén, , and , and zhì.Ren is the obligation of altruism and humanesss, Yi is mortal disposition to do good , Li is a system that determines how a person should act in everyday life and Zhi is the ability to see the behaviors exhibited by others.

Why do they believe that?

The believers of this religion believe in this because it is the golden rule. "Do not do to other people what you do not want them to do to you".they try to follow Confucius teachings by the Confucius vision.

What makes believers of this religion want to follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

The believers want to follow its teachings because they believe that people can be perfected through the teachings of Confucius.

How do extremist justify their actions against nonbelievers?

Confucianism doesn't have extremist because violence goes against their teachings.

Current Event

The religion itself is struggling to keep itself alive. . It is a religion decreasing in number since it is very small.This is very bad because the followers won't have their religion anymore and it will disappear.

Artifacts that represent religion

An artifact that represents this religion are The Five Classics.The Five Classics were believed to be written by Confucius himself.The five books are i Ching or of Classic Change which shows metaphysical vision,Classic of Poetry or the Book of Songs which is the earliest anthology of Chinese poems and songs,Book of Documents or Book of History which show speeches of major figures and events in ancient times,Book of Rites and Spring and Autumn Annals which show a recorded period of time which he calls Spring and Autumn Annals.
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Quote from religion

"Do not do to other people what you do not want them to do to you". is a quote that revolves around the whole teaching that Confucius is trying to send to his followers."The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach you full potential...these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence" is also a quote that can relate to the religion because one of their beliefs is that humans can be perfected thought self-cultivation and self-creation. These are quotes that come from Confucius himself.