Looking Forward - Week 1/22/13

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Jan 21st - No School - Martin Luther King Jr Day

Microsoft Word - Tables, Calendars and More!

Get Ready, Get Set, Learn to create and navigate tables in word for organizing information. Discover and use the calendar wizard to create calendars. Why create documents from scratch when you can use templates? Learn how to create and save your own templates or find templates online. A step in the next direction for using MS Word!

JAN 24th

Session ID: 44785

Time: 4-6p, Fee: $50

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1 hour of independent work)

Register at www.myesd.org

iPadinar Series

Our iPad users have requested follow-up sessions or a user's group. The Ed Tech Department at ESD113 is hosting a series of iPad webinars called iPadinars starting in January and continuing through March. These are one-hour sessions scheduled throughout these months. iPadinars will develop instructional skills with educators, keeping them up to date with the rapidly changing apps. This course will provide information on the latest updates, integration guidance, peer collaboration opportunities, and app reviews for teachers using these devices with students.

The first session will be an ORIENTATION on January 23rd from 7p to 8p.


Projecting / Viewing Media: January 31, 2013 (4 - 5p)

Data Collection: February 11, 2013 (7 - 8p)

Math & Science Applications: February 19, 2013 (4 - 5p)

Arts & Photography Applications: March 12, 2013 (7 - 8p)

Note: All webinars will be accessed through Adobe Connect. You will be notified before each session with login information.

JAN 23rd

Session ID: 44916

Time: 4-6p, Fee: $50 for series

Clock Hours: up to 5

Register at www.myesd.org

Khan Academy

So much more than mathematics' videos. You will discover the secret for students of mathematics improvement and how a teacher, librarian, volunteer, or paraprofessional may assist students in enrolling in a course of study that will keep them engaged and moving forward as needed or filling in the holes that may exist in their learning.

JAN 22nd

Session ID: 44364

Time: 4-6p, Fee: $50 for series

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1 hour of independent work)

Register at www.myesd.org

Check out Khan Academy ONLINE. Runs from Feb 1st - Mar 31st.

FOSS Science Kit Training - 'EARTH MATERIALS'

The Earth Materials module consists of four sequential investigations dealing with observable characteristics of solid materials from the earth—rocks and minerals. The focus is on taking materials apart to find what they are made of and putting materials together to better understand their properties. The module introduces fundamental concepts in earth science and takes advantage of the students’ intrinsic interest in the subject matter and in the physical world around them.

JAN 24th

Session ID: 44529

Time: 9-3p, Fee: $100, $50 Mask Member, $25 Laser Member

Clock Hours: 6

Register at www.myesd.org

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