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Oct 2 - 6, 2017

from J-

I recently had to opportunity to meet with Annie Smith with MNEA. Annie filled the position vacated by Ray Smith (no relation), who retired this summer. Our meeting was positive and productive, and I look forward to a great working relationship with her. Annie is interested in visiting each building and meeting you. Be expecting an email from her to see when she can connect with you.

My current read is Why Should Anyone Be Led by You by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones. I've always been a proponent of empathy, and found some wisdom in their thoughts about how to practice "tough empathy." "Real leaders empathize fiercely with the people they lead. They also care intensely about the work their employees do". That second thought expanded my thinking a bit; it important to care about your people AND the work that they do. It's part of the leadership work: connecting people to the purpose and raising the quality of capacity of both. Our more common term for this is high expectations. How do you demonstrate this? What evidences can you point to?

Next week, I will be absent more than present, being out of town Monday through Wednesday and then again on Friday. However, I'm simply learning and working from other locations, and will be available through usual means.

In this issue you will find updates from Innovation & Information, plus addition information around balancing/scheduling Club Encore during the Parent/Teacher conference window. Please let me know how I can support you, and have an amazing week!

NAESP Report to Parents

This resource from NAESP may be something you are interested in. “Prep for Emergencies” helps families ensure their safety in case of a serious emergency.

Call for Proposals - #MAESP18

MAESP is currently looking for workshop presenters for the 2018 MAESP Leadership Conference, held March 3-6, 2018 at Tan-Tar-A Resort. Please consider sharing your knowledge, experience, expertise and best practices! Due Oct 16.

from Bret-

The Learning Coach agenda for next week is here. Additionally, the AP Cadre agenda for next week is here.

I was able to provide Tower feedback to 4 principals this week.

Effective School Correlate #6 is Frequent Monitoring and Student Progress which includes:

· Use of technology permits teachers to do a better job monitoring students’ progress

· The same technology allows students to monitor their own progress

· Assessment is more authentic and less concerned about criterion-referenced assessments

· Teachers understand the connection between the intended, taught, and tested curriculum

· Two questions dominate schools: (1) what’s worth knowing, and (2) how will we know then they know it?

City PTA

Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 9:15am

4051 South Scenic Avenue

Springfield, MO

This required one is worth it...b/c it's all about you. Happy Principal Month! The Mayor (no, not Bret; the actual elected Mayor of Springfield) will be there with the City of Springfield Proclamation!

Let's kick this month off by having you out of your building for a meeting.

Make this one count, Liz...

from Innovation & Information-

BrightBytes Update

BrightBytes collection continue through October 13. Please share this link with you staff, students and parents. Our goal is 100% participation from students and staff as these metrics help to drive the district’s strategic plan. A reminder email to sites that have not reached statistical significance will go out to buildings Monday morning. Congratulations to Reed, Central, Weller, Portland and Fremont who earned breakfast for their staff by being the first to reach their BrightBytes collection goal! If you have any questions regarding BrightBytes, please reach out to Nichole Lemmon.

Information Technology

The information technology department roster has changed up in the last two months. We currently have three dispatch technician, lead high school technician and one of our AV specialist positions open. To make sure we continue providing quality service, we are adjusting zone assignments for our elementary and middle schools. Expect to see new faces and some familiar faces in your schools and project team meetings. Brad Fitzlaff will be shifting his coverage from the northwest zone to the northeast zone. Aaron Jones will be shifting his coverage from the northeast zone to the southeast zone.

Call for Proposals - #NAESP18

You are invited to apply to be a concurrent session speaker at the 2018 NAESP Pre-K–8 Principals Conference in Orlando, Florida, July 9–11, 2018. If you get accepted, J will pay for your conference registration. Due Oct 31.

Parent Teacher Conference Window & Encore

Liaisons have been instructed they could cancel Encore if there is a late night scheduled during parent/teacher conference week.

The Encore schedule has been designed where this a little wiggle room where clubs could be cancelled for emergencies in the event a tutor cannot cover a session and no tutoring during Thanksgiving week.

While it is an option, know that cancelling a whole week of parent teacher conferences that will very little room for sessions to be made up in the event of an inclement weather or an emergency, but you do have that flexibility.

The minimum number of sessions for Encore consists of 20 x 90 minute sessions, allowing for the minimum of 30 hours to be met per club.

Please connect with your Encore liaison. If you have further questions or clarification, Kelsey Brabo is your person.

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