Cocoon Grid-it

Meet the most organized tool to ever enter your life!

How it works

Cocoon Grid-it puts organization to a whole new level. This new innovative tool helps everyone have a little less clutter in their life. You can now have everything you could ever need at your fingertips while your belongings stay secure in the new woven sleek design of each grid! Try yours today starting as low as $9.99

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Everything you could ever need at your finger tips!

Its good for students, teachers, children, parents, and everyone else who just needs a little more organization!

About the Cocoon

You can store just about everything from pens, pencils, iphones, computer gadgets, working tools, paint supplies, and even your laptop. It is made out of an organic material that forms a protective barrier for all your belongings. As a new innovative tool and the first of its generation, the Cocoon Grid-it will change the future