Counselor's Corner

February 2019

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West Lake Middle School Counselors

From L to R:

Jill Knoeller, 6th Grade Counselor

Regina Watson, 8th Grade Counselor

Jennifer Vandenbrook, 7th Grade Counselor

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WLMS Counselors are hosting parent information night for

INCOMING 7th and 8th graders for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Thursday, February 7th


WLMS Cafeteria

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Kindness Challenge Week

We have an exciting week planned for all students and staff Monday, 2/11 - Friday, 2/15!

Challenge your child(ren) to complete all tasks and extend acts of kindness beyond this week! In addition to these Kindness Challenge tasks, each student will have lessons during Advisory that focus on "Groups, Cliques and Friendships". Stay tuned for photos of our special arrival messages for all students on Friday, 2/15, as they arrive to school!

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Humble ISD provides testing sessions for students who wish to attempt credit by exam for acceleration to skip a grade. Students may choose to test in the Spring at their home campus or during the Summer at a designated location.

Spring Testing Dates: March 19-22, 2019

Spring Testing Times: See Campus Counselor

Spring Testing Location: Home Campus

Testing Criteria: To skip a grade, middle school students must take 8 tests – Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science for the grade they wish to skip. A score of 80% is required on all tests for the student to be eligible to skip the grade. Students are allowed 3 hours for each test although they rarely use that much time.

Humble ISD offers mathematics placement exams for middle school students who wish to move from their current on-level class to an honors mathematics class next year. Honors courses typically cover 1½ years of material each year. In 6th grade Honors students cover all 6th grade material plus half of 7th grade material. Students in 7th grade Honors cover the other half of 7th grade material and one full year of 8th grade material.

Current 6th grade students will be required to take an exam to demonstrate mastery of half of 7th grade material so that they will be prepared for 7th grade Honors mathematics next year. Current 7th grade students will need to take two exams, one for each of the 8th grade semesters. Students must score 80% or better on each placement exam.

Off Campus PE

An Off Campus PE packet must be completed online and returned electronically to Helen Wagner. Off Campus PE requires that the outside activity take place at an approved vendor site and involves at least 5 hours of activity Monday through Friday.

The packet can be found here.

Once approved counselors will be notified and student's schedules can be adjusted accordingly.

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Comprehensive Counseling Program

What is a comprehensive counseling program?

A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the school’s mission. Comprehensive school counseling programs are driven by student data and based on the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program guidelines.

  • Guidance - Classroom lessons through Advisory periods
  • Responsive Services - Individual and small group counseling support
  • Individual Planning - 504, course selection process, behavior plans, goal setting, etc...
  • System Support - Support to WLMS staff and Parents

Advisory Lessons

All of the Advisory guidance lessons are aligned with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program guidelines for school counselors. The lessons are based on the Great 8 Skills which are our district’s guidance program that focuses on the whole child so that each individual is healthy, safe, supported, challenged and engaged. Learning and practicing the Great 8: Super Powers for Daily Life helps our students create and connect to their own successful future story. The lessons also include dynamic metaphors from the WhyTry Curriculum.

This Nine Weeks we are focused on: Self-Awareness

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The counselors have a special "Counselor's Corner" in the cafeteria during all three of our lunches. During this time we welcome students to access us so we may provide support to them! Students may also access their grade level counselor by obtaining a pass from the grade level secretary.

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Easing Peer Pressure with Love and Logic

Click to link to the .pdf document.

Digital Citizenship

Each week our students are taught a specific Digital Citizenship tip through our advisory lessons. We are also infusing lessons aimed at teaching our students about pertinent digital safety.

"Digital citizens think critically about what they see online and learn to make their own smart choices online and in life. That means understanding the benefits and risks of sharing information, knowing the difference between a credible news source and a sponsored ad, and balancing screen time with other activities."


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Referrals to See the Counselor

Would you like to request for your child to visit with the counselor for individual counseling support?

All students have access to the counselor through whole group guidance. In addition to guidance lessons, some students visit with the counselor in small group counseling sessions. Individual students may self-refer to the counselor using individual counselor passes. Click on the buttons below to link to the confidential counselor referral form for your grade level.

You may also click on the main counselor webpage and navigate to your grade level counselor's individual page.

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