Lincoln Announces Slaves To Be Free

Confederate States Are Furious

President Abraham Lincoln announced today, through his Emancipation Proclamation, that all individuals held in slavery shall be considered free men and women. Southern States are not happy with these changes. The Confederacy feels that this proclamation will cause economic hardship throughout the states due to the lack of free labor provided by the slaves.

The economic struggles that the South would suffer would greatly hinder its ability to trade goods with Great Britain. This would cause Great Britain's support for the South to dwindle drastically. This would cause a logistical nightmare for the Souths war effort.

President Lincoln, as many other northerners, believed that is was our moral duty to abolish slavery. One of the advantages of this was the fact that free men could join the Union army. This would not only strengthen its ranks but also provide much needed support and man power for the campaigns directed against the South.