Ms. Kennon's Parent Newsletter

December 5, 2014

Hour of Code - Very Exciting Stuff!

If your child spends an inordinate amount of time on the computer or playing video games, they may actually make a good career out of that! Next Tuesday, December 9th, my classes will participate in what is being called an Hour of Code. This is a program where students spend an hour learning more about a branch of engineering called computer science. They will be introduced to some very basic code writing (JAVA) during this hour. Computer science is an excellent STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career choice and many of our students are not familiar with this as a career option. I personally have friends who are in this field with very successful careers and were gainfully employed with very nice salaries straight out of undergrad. In addition to that, while in undergrad they were placed as paid interns in co-ops with major companies. This 'earning while learning' concept is common for students studying engineering. Both the University of Kentucky College of Engineering and the University of Louisville Speed School have very good programs in several branches of engineering, including computer science, so this is an option our students could pursue without leaving the state, allowing them to use their KEES money. Also, both of these schools tend to be well-funded in the scholarship department. I am including some links below with more information.