Edcamp Maryland 2016

Professional learning for educators by educators!

What is Edcamp?

Edcamps are free "unconferences" for teachers and other educators, called so because they are participant driven and facilitated. At the beginning of the day, attendees create the session schedule and participants are encouraged to leave a session if it is not meeting their needs. It is a great opportunity for proactive, highly motivated teachers to collaborate, generate new ideas, and leave the day with connections and resources.
EdCamp 101

Take charge of your own professional learning!

The entire purpose of an Edcamp is for attendees to participate in and receive professional learning in topics and areas that will directly benefit them and their students

In Summer 2016, Edcamp Maryland will be held across the state, and it will be even bigger and better with various locations and content focused.



Hours: 8:30-2:00

9:00: Registration/Board Planning

9:30: Welcome Meeting

9:45-10:30: 1st Session

10:45-11:30: 2nd Session

11:45-12:30: 3rd Session

12:35-1:00: Smackdown

1:00-1:30: Closing Meeting

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