Meet Those Who Teach at NGHE!

Featuring NGHE's Computer Technology Instructors

Jessica Henley: Video Game Design and Digital Film Making

Jessica Henley has been a beloved Computer Technology Instructor with NGHE for more than 4 years. Her classes have included Video Game Design, Digital Film Making & Editing, Digital Media Illustration and Multimedia Design, just to name a few.

Jessica's degrees include an Associate's degree in Computer Science from Columbus State University, a Bachelor's of Media Arts and Animation degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and a Master's degree in Education from American Intercontinental University.

Jessica started out as a Lead Animation Director at Ty Productions working on a 3D Animation TV show and also working at 3DH Communications in Georgia were she worked as a Rotoscoper.

After a lay off at 3DH, Jessica was graced by the Lord to start a school called Creative Career Academy, which teaches youth Animation and other Creative Arts classes. CCA partners with local and international schools to provide Creative Art, Technology, and Design classes.

Jessica loves spending time with homeschoolers, which often reminds her of when she was homeschooled in her middle school years. As an active child studying Ballet, Tap, and variety of other dance styles, Jessica's parents found that homeschooling was a great educational path to balance good grades while enjoying dance studies!

Years later- after high school, college, and a career teaching Creative Arts, Jessica was blessed to meet her husband Alisteir Murray whom lavishes her with delicious Caribbean food and a bonded love that is a gift from God. Together they make a great pair and are enjoying being newlyweds after being married this past December 19th, 2015 at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs.

Chris Goellner: Minecraft Mods and Mobile App Development

Chris is NGHE's very popular Minecraft Programming Instructor and last semester also taught Mobile App Development. An IT Engineer for more than 12 years with AT&T and now an IT Advisory Consultant, this is Chris's first time teaching with NGHE. Chris graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and from Georgia State University with an MBA and Juris Doctor.

Chris grew up on the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast near Mobile and Biloxi. He graduated from Pascagoula High School where he enjoyed playing the french horn in the band. He meet his wonderful wife DeAnna while they were both attending the University of South Alabama in Mobile. They later moved to Connecticut and survived two winters before returning to the south and starting a family.

Chris and DeAnna are busy now with two kids, Anna (15) and Bennett (13). All four of them love to travel and this past year they've been blessed with the opportunity to visit several national parks in Washington State and Oregon including Mt. Rainier and Crater Lake, Arches in Utah, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.


Video Game Design - Introduction

Students use software Autodesk Maya to create 3D environments for video games. Autodesk Maya is used by leading game companies and is an industry standard software. This class includes creating background blueprints for game mapping, level creation, and character development. By the end of the semester, students have actual working games that can be played on their computer.

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Video Game Design - Advanced
Students create 3D Models, 3D Animations, and Game Assets for Unity Game Engine. Autodesk Maya is used to sharpen the students skills in making custom-made props for student's levels. Also, animation skills which are essential for making characters walk, run, jump, crawl, and idle in place, are taught. Unity Game Engine is used to import all the custom-made props to create the student's level. Intermediates Level 1 trains in Autodesk Maya and Intermediates Level 2 trains in both Autodesk Maya and Unity (Unity is a game engine used by a variety of professional companies in the industry for game design and development).

Digital Video Editing

Digital Video Editing is designed to introduce NGHE Students to the world of video production and digital video editing. As much as possible, the class is structured like a real-world work environment where students are expected to work individually or in teams, meet deadlines, and put forth their best efforts.

Some of the skills taught in this class are title effects, CG basics, compositing, sound effects, and much more. Students learn these skills on programs that many professionals use like Adobe Premier and After Effects. Some of the lessons trickle-down to using fantastic free programs, like iMovie & Windows Movie Maker, found on many PC's today.

Students are required to invest significant out-of-class time to complete course requirements. By the end of the course, students have some of their work posted online for others to see and share. This class, when taken in conjunction with the Digital Cinematography class, is a wonderful complement to their education in Film & Video!

Digital Cinematography

Students sign up as film makers and/ or actors and no prior software knowledge is required. Students create professional short films or TV shows with a story idea of their choosing. Film makers learn the full production pipeline from start to finish such as script writing, storyboard artist, camera operator, director, and video editors.

Actors gain skills for collaborating in performances based upon shot size and angle, emotional and physical continuity, strength, hitting marks, and crew skills (participating in film duties) to help finish the team project. This class is great for students who want to take a class on film making and/or acting to broaden their knowledge in this field of study

Minecraft Mods
Does your student want to take their basic Minecraft skills to the next level and become a true Minecraft wizard? Can he or she imagine creating a lightning strike at any location of their choice? Do they ever wondered how to create an entire structure of their own design with a single click of the mouse?
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This fun program focuses on learning how to extend Minecraft creating a student's own custom worlds through programming. Working in the environment LearnToMod, students conquer a number of preset challenges to extend Minecraft while mastering the Javascript based Blockly visual programming language.

At the end of the semester, students design their own mods and present their creations to the group on the last day of class. No previous programming experience is required, although students should have basic Minecraft familiarity.
Mobile App Development

This exciting class teaches how to create completely original games and applications without typing a single line of code through the use of logic and assets. Even if students have never programmed or built apps before, by the end of this course they're fully capable of building apps and submitting them to an online app store!

Before even start building an app, students are challenged to think through what makes a good app, and the limitations they might face during development. Students learn how to design a good UI (User Interface), and how an app actually runs. From there, students jump right into building apps: designing the interface, animating, timing, and much, much more!
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