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Caleb Puckhaber; Editor-In-Chief

Are These Foods Really Worth it?

Have you ever thought about how the food consumed, gets to the plate? Many do not. Most people buy, then consume foods without thinking twice about it. Some many know the truth and ignore or deny it, but some have no clue what they consume. People need to stop and think about their food more often. There are many issues with the way food is made, "fit for human consumption". First, workers often earn unfair or poor wages, and the companies may not even have regulations for sanitation, but make it seem to be so when inspectors arrive, making it horrible working conditions and just horrible food. Also, companies may even go as far as to hire foreigners across the borders, but only so they can get cheaper labor, and the labor is repetitive and tedious often causing issues such carpal tunnel syndrome. America needs to think this through a little more.

A Letter to the Future

Dear Future Americans,

To this day I still fight for women suffrage. It was 1910 now it is August 18th 1920 the day all of us gained the right to vote, I believe I played a crucial role in gaining the right to vote. I founded an organization called the NWP or the National Women Party. I began the NWP after I split from NAWSA, the National American Women Suffrage Association. In the NWP we used more peaceful but still effective strategies to gain the right to vote.

The first thing any future Americans reading this need to know about us, is our methods. One of the many things we did was hold a parade in favor of women suffrage. With a crowd of suffragists and anti-suffragists we marched on, to prove that we would to what ever is takes to gain and preserve the right to vote. Many of us sustained injuries when the crowd attacked and police ignored it. In the end it was worth it, the newspapers began to regognize the NWP and even support us.

Finally we protested, in front of the White House. After so long I personally made a appearance in front of the White House. We were all arrested as political prisoners, but were not treated as such, as it "did not exist in America" so we were treated poorly. Me and some of my closer friends there all went on a hunger strike, we refused to eat anything for our cause. They claimed we were insane, mentally unstable, they force fed us their horrible food. We were willing to die for out cause. Before we all obtained Presidential Pardons we were all surely close to starvation, we were definitely not well. I want to die assured that, in the future Americans will all fight for causes such as ours just like we did. I hope that that everyone will work to defend the right to vote for all, forever.

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A Nauseating Job

Theodore Roosevelt the President is taking on the challenge of the meat industry. The meat industry is horribly maintained and is feeding Americans with horrible things, Roosevelt is determined to stop this process. Roosevelt wants to make Americans food actually fit for human consumption. Eventually Roosevelt will pave the path, towards a healthier food industry.


On February 15th tragedy struck the Maine, when it was brutally destroyed by Spain. The Maine did not provoke a attack by Spain, it was simply blown up by a Spanish mine. Some claim that it could've been a accident or malfunction, a very convenient malfunction. A few more "malfunctions" and the Spanish can attack America with little naval resistance. First the Spanish brutally mistreat and murder the Cubans after they force them into camps. Now they mercilessly kill more than 250 innocent American sailors, who did nothing!? America, FIGHT BACK!
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Return the Favor!

No matter your size or age you too can help the Army. An Army crawls on its stomach, help save food. Eat foods not needed by American soldiers save wheat. Buy what you need grow what you can, save everything possible!

Horrible Weapons in Use in Europe!

In Europe the Germans have begun to use poisonous gases in warfare! The gases they have produced are very harmful to the human body. These gases such as chlorine, cause symptoms such as respiratory shut down. Chlorine gas, within seconds destroys a persons respiratory systems, causing them to choke. Also a new invention of war, machine guns. Machine guns are the new, deadliest form of infantry fire. For example a group of infantry approaches the enemy trenches, without cover, a single machine gun firing 600 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) could kill or severely injure most of the infantry. Without protection, machine guns make advances nearly impossible. These new weapons of warfare all kill even more brutally then rifles and all previous forms of war, these weapons absolutely dominate the battlefield.

Warner Brothers

In 1927 the Warner Brothers introduced the first talking picture. The Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc. (In full) was created by four brothers, Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack Warner in 1923. They began their career on the road in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1913 before the company was created they were beginning to create movies themselves. When the company began, Harry was the head of the company, Albert was the treasurer and head of sales and distribution, while Sam and Jack ran the studio in Hollywood.

In mid-1920 the company was dealing with financial problems Sam persuaded the others to patent the Vitaphone, a cinematic sound system. This allowed them to make the Jazz Singer with synchronized music and dialogue. Shortly before the Jazz Singer premiered Sam, died. After their first success the company went on to make multiple movie firsts and successes. The Time Inc. eventually merged with Warner Bros, making the largest entertainment and media corporation in the world.

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The Transatlantic Flight

Born in Detroit Michigan, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, nicknamed The Lone Eagle became a American aviator, author, and inventor, to name a few. In 1927 Charles made the first non-stop solo transatlantic flight, from Long Island to Paris, France. His trip took him nearly 34 hours in his small single engine plane, The Spirit Of St. Louis, and made him internationally famous.