By: Ashlyn Markowitz

Come to Hawaii!

Hawaii is really not a bad place to live. It might have volcanoes like Kilauea, but a lot of people mistake them as being bad, Bad, BAD! Good is also in volcanoes.

See the Bright Side of Volcanoes

Volcanoes provide many of the things we need to survive. When they erupt, the lava travels very slowly, a thin layer of flexible igneous rock making it travel even slower. Igneous rock is the hardened lava on the mountain, so that when it erupts again, it travels even slower than before.

Volcanoes don't only create rock, but they call mudslides to crops, helping them grow. They also lower temperatures, which in Hawaii that's helpful. And with extra energy and electricity, that helps coolers even more!

Don't Panic

6-13-13 - 3 Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Puu Oo Vent Lava Flow Nikon D800

BURST On Over!

This is your Place

Now that you have more information about volcanoes, now you understand why they are the best to be next to out of floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes. So come on, your always welcome.

Come to your Place, It's a Blast!

Come on, you know where you want to be. Burst on over and get settled. See Kilauea, get in a hot tub, and enjoy the pristine beaches. Of course it's up to you, but if you decide to move, come to Hawaii.