Adolf Hitler

Hitlers life

Hitler being born

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau in Avstria on April 20,1889 and died on April 30 1945. Hitler was the son of a fifty two year old Austriran Custonns official Alois Sehickelgruber Hitler, and his third ,wife a young girl named Klara Poelzla. Hitler was part Jew.

rise of Hitler.

Rise of the nazi party in January 1925 the ban on the nazi was removed and Hitler regained promission to speak in pubic. Hitler discoved a powerful talent for oratory as well as giving the new party its symbol the swastika and the greeting heil. The battle of britain in which the roxal air force prevent the vuftnaffe from secuting aerial contol over the english channel, Hitler killed 60000million jews . The following day Hitler committed suicide shooting himself through the mouth with a pistol,
  • When the coup failed, Hitler was caught and sentenced to five years in prison
  • Over the next several years, Hitler often gave public speeches that gained him attention, followers, and financial support.