December 6-10, 2021

Show Your BCE Spirit!

On Mondays, wear a Bear Creek shirt!

On Fridays, wear a college shirt!

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Remember to Practice!

  • Letters and Sounds
  • Counting to 100
  • Reading!


  • Headphones
  • ONE Healthy Snack everyday

Daily Folder and Blue Book Bag Procedures

Empty pockets every night if there are papers in the folders

Review Sight Words and sign reading log in blue book bag.

  • When practicing sight words, practice the SPELLING of the word, instead of sounding out the word.
  • Read at least one book in your child's blue book bag daily and write in reading log.

Upcoming Dates

12/17 - 11:45 am Early Release Day

12/18-1/4 NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)

What Are We Learning This Week?


Fundations- Capital Letters K-R

Writing- "I can draw a picture to respond to a text through labeling pictures."

Sight Words- they,can

Reading- "I can sort pictures of ending sounds."


Financial Literacy- "I can identify the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter."


Sound Energy- "I can learn about sound energy."

Social Studies

Wants and Needs- "I can tell the difference between a want and a need."

Helpful Reminders

  • ATTENDANCE: In the event that your child is or will be absent from school, we would appreciate it if you would let us know! You can do so by:

-Calling the school to let the front office know. Our number is 817-305-4860.

-Emailing your child’s teacher to let them know.

-Emailing the attendance clerk, Mrs. Stewart, (georgia.stewart@gcisd.net ).

To excuse the absence, written notification is required and should be turned into Mrs. Stewart in the office.

  • TARDIES: Please have your student at your teacher’s door by 7:40 so that the class can start the day with as few interruptions as possible. The tardy bell rings at 7:40, after which time you will need to check-in at the office and your child will be counted tardy.

  • SNACK & LUNCH: Make sure your child's healthy (dry and nut free) snack is separate from their lunch box. Also, talk with your child each morning about whether or not they will be buying their lunch. Lunch is free for the 2021-2022 school year. Additionally, they should be able to decipher their snack from lunch. Lunch will be from 10:30-11:00am.

  • FOLDERS: Please check your child’s folder everyday and the Bear Creek Smore for the latest information. Please sign/inicial the calendar inside the folder to show us that you reviewed the folder and place it back in your child’s backpack daily.

  • CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Please ensure that you keep a clean change of clothes (season appropriate) in your student’s backpack at all times. In the event your child has an accident, it would be helpful if your child knows how to change their clothes as independently as possible.

  • GYM: All students must wear tennis shoes every day so they can participate in the gym. If your child is wearing a skirt, please make sure she is wearing shorts underneath.

  • LOST ITEMS: Please make sure all items are labeled with your child's name. In the event that something is lost or misplaced, you may contact the front office and they will direct you to our lost and found.

  • ITEMS FROM HOME: Please do not allow your child to bring any toys or other materials from home, as they may get damaged or misplaced.

  • BIRTHDAYS: Due to the rise in the number of students that have reported food-related allergies, we ask parents that are interested in celebrating their child’s birthday at school to send a non-edible treat (stickers, pencils, etc.). Please make sure you include ALL the students in the class. The students love stickers, pencils, etc. and our Bear Creek teachers do a wonderful job at making sure the students feel special on their birthdays.


-What do I do with my child's "dismissal" sign?

Make sure to utilize your dismissal sign EACH day at dismissal. Anyone picking up students MUST have a sign. Please keep your car sign visible (visor/dash/mirror) until your child is in your car. If you lose it or need more, please let your child’s teacher know and we can make another.

-What if I walk to pick up my child?

All students and parents are required to use the crosswalk while on school grounds. Please stand at or near the bike rack with your dismissal sign until your child is called and comes to you.

-What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

Any student not picked up by 3:10 PM will need to be signed out in the front office.

-What if my child needs help buckling their seat belt/ car seat?

If you need to help your child after they are in your vehicle, please pull around to the other side of the bus circle where there is room to stop and assist them without impeding traffic.

-What if someone different is picking them up?

It is always best to contact your child's teacher to let them know if your child's pick up routine will be different. Please send your dismissal sign with the person that is picking up your child.

-How many car lines are there at dismissal?

There is only ONE car line for both Pre-K and Kindergarten. Any cars or buses that bypass the carline are doing so to pick up their student from special services. Please do not cut in front of any cars that have been waiting in line.

-Which direction do I go when I leave?

Right turn only on exit from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM.


Please help us reach our goal of having every family join the Bear Creek PTA! The PTA does many wonderful things for our students, staff, and community!

  • Memberships are $8.50 each ($9.00 if you use card).
  • There is not obligation to volunteer. Joining PTA helps make events for students and support for teachers possible. See the membership form for more info on what PTA does.
  • Our goal as a PTA is 200 members before October 1.


Kinder Teachers

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