Moshen Zargar

Moshen Zargar and rejuvenating a Hospital

Moshen Zargar and rejuvenating a Hospital

Running a hospital is not Childs play believes Janine Keane employed with Doctors United. Janine Zargar and Moshen Zargar have been involved with the hospital business for a major part of their life. Janine Zargar believes that running a hospital is not like running any other business as many people feel who really haven’t had the taste of running a hospital so far. The kinds of challenges and the number of problems present before a hospital administrator are quite unique and can rise in numbers either seasonally or abruptly. The trend may also be quite surprising in different areas due to the geographical or climate difference.

Some suggestions from Janine Keane and Moshen Zargar have gone a long way in turning the hospitals as one of the best healthcare facilities in the area. There are many changes that can be done either in the working style or the infrastructure of the hospital that would work out success stories for these health care facilities. A hospital with a facility for a critical illness care would go a long way in the popularity of the hospital. As instances of cardiac diseases, cancer, brain diseases and vital organ diseases are on the rise people tend to go hospitals that can at least provide the basic treatment for all these problems. There should be ample of men, machines and support staff to man this critical care module.

A hospital should take care to develop a network of the best physicians who are known in their field of operation. Janine Zargar A professional partnership with a network of independent physicians will help a hospital to get more referrals from these physicians. If a hospital is specializing in a particular sector like cancer, cardiac diseases then these hospitals can provide references of individual physicians in case the disease of a particular individual is out of their purview.

A hospital needs to keep an optimum stock of all the essential goods that are required either in an emergency or even in routine practice. The staff in the hospital should not be seen running around for life saving drugs or injections once a patient who requires emergency treatment arrives in their premises. The Hospital should maintain their own blood bank if possible as it makes blood transfusion much easy and a quick process rather than getting blood from a different blood bank.

A 24x7 service in a hospital will further increase the popularity of the hospital provide it has all the facilities to face any emergency like an accident or outbreak of any major disease. The footfall in such a hospital that is ready for any emergency 24x7 will be more than a healthcare facility that has limited hours of operation.To manage your organization / hospital in the most efficient manner feel free to contact AKZ Management who have got years of experience in this field and will be more than happy to assist you in taking your business to new heights.

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