Digital Footprint Evaluation

Makayla Mendez

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is the mark you leave of yourself on the internet for everyone to see. It is the choices you make whether they're positive or negative. Your mark is important because it is how people will view you, and everything you do can be traced back to you.
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MY Digital Footprint

  • Twitter: Rarely use it, made it for Digital Literacy. When i did use it I made tweets encouraging Leyden basketball, showing well sportsmanship.
  • Snapchat: I use frequently, I snap picture that are humorous to my family and friends to brighten their days.
  • PHHHOTO: I just got this app, I think it's neat and fun, I used it so far taking phhhoto's of food and selfies, just showing positive insight on myself.
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Impacts on Future

Your digital can impact your future either positively or negatively depending on how you use the internet.

  • Helpful: Get jobs because of clean social media; people will view you positively.
  • Harmful: might lose job due to your actions; might not get accepted to a job/college because you negative actions.
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Improving Digital Footprints

  • Be smart
  • Be safe
  • Be positive
  • Don't expose negative content
  • Don't put anything you wouldn't want future employers, parents, grandparents etc. to see
  • Show yourself positively
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Most Important Thing I learned About Digital Footprints.

Before i wasn't really educated on digital footprints. I didn't think everything you did could get traced back to you. And that if you post or share something on the internet everyone can see it, even if it's "deleted".